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Top Technologies In 2021 Web And Mobile

Top Technologies in 2021 Web and Mobile

In the coming years, until 2021, expert analysts warn that organizations will go beyond notions about technology adoption and focus on the issues surrounding the real meaning of human beings in the digital world.

In 2021, pioneering brands that redesign their sites to support visual and voice searches will increase digital commerce revenues by 30%

Consultations based on voice and visual research improve merchants 'understanding of consumers' interests and intentions. Along with the other contextual indices available on smartphones, pioneering technology adoption brands and e-commerce will take advantage of the shift in consumers to these search modalities.

Visual and voice searches:
  • These types of research have become increasingly used. In addition to being inclusive and facilitating, they help analyze and understand interests between companies and users. So those companies that can redesign their sites so that they can support these types of research will be able to obtain competitive advantages measured in conversion rates, new customer achievements, and satisfaction levels.
Bots and Chatbots:
  • It is for sure that the chatbots unquestionably happen to be AI faces and will undoubtedly affect all communication spheres between humans. What is identified today is an exponential increase in spending on the development of bots and chatbots than for traditional applications. This is due precisely to the fact that bots have the potential to modify the way applications are created as well as the way the process of interaction between technology and user develops.
  • Also, the use of bots causes a change in the cycle of activities for professionals since it removes from them the need to perform standardized work, such as fundamental interactions of questions and answers, once they are implemented in chatbots. Also, the implementation of chatbots represents significant savings for companies since they can save money by hiring humans.
AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages:
  • Accelerated mobile pages - AMP is a trend stimulated by Google for a while now. The idea is to promote the need to develop websites that load instantly and that can run smoothly on mobile devices. The intention is that web pages that contain rich content such as graphics, animations, videos, and so on can work in balance with the famous smart ads in a way that really can load instantly, using the same code, on the most varied platforms and different devices, regardless of the type of mobile device used.
To better understand, let's see how Google AMP works:
  • But of course, the idea of ​​loading pages instantly is extremely attractive, but performing this task is not exactly a simple activity to develop. Hence, it is necessary to have a lot of creativity on the part of the developers so that they can extract real benefits from AMP. Now one thing is for sure, they became much more prevalent in 2020, and you need to be ready anyway.
Internet of Things - IoT
  • It is a prevalent concept in recent years and undeniably related to the web development process because the Internet has increasingly impacted the most diverse instances of life. Virtually everyone uses the Internet today, and its use has developed a powerful dependency character, a kind of bridge, and this means that most companies and service providers, in general, cannot exist without it.
  • Despite that, today, there are few examples of websites and applications that really use this literal application concept. Still, it is unquestionable that it remains the focus of attention since the Internet constantly evolves.
Single-Page and Static Sites :
  • The single page sites have been treading a path of popularity for a while, but this year it found its balance. Its structure is formed by a single long page composed of the main elements sought by users. Therefore, there is no indispensable route or a very deep menu to cross. This style of the website offers a quick and objective response to the needs of users.
  • Applications and single page websites basically manage to make a transition between all the content that needs to be loaded, without the need to load the page again and without the user having to navigate from one page to another. More technically, this means that there is more code worked on the client-side than on the server-side.
  • Static sites have similar characteristics and objectives. They are sites that load quickly, and they can be built without significant difficulties or costs. They have already undergone significant evolutions over the years and will tend to be improved in 2020. A static website, in general, is those that do not have management tools for making significant changes in content, that is, 'without changes in the code source.'
  • By 2021, we will continue, mainly, implementing mobile resources so that the systems automatically generated by Scriptcase become 100% mobile friendly and improve BI tools for reports. The integration with external APIs and web services will also receive considerable attention from our development and features that bring benefits in terms of security and performance. Call us now – 079-403-96030 or more information enquire us at
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