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New Version of Laravel coming next month

It's been on 5.4 release version for the past four years currently. The team has currently set to change to linguistics versioning system. The framework presently stands at version 8.x , and rather than calling the new unleash 5.9 the team has set to travel with Laravel 8, that is scheduled for the next month.

Laravel gets a contemporary look with each major release starting from updated logos to a redesigned web site. Initially, this was a volunteer effort with completely different individuals pitching in to assist provide Laravel Development a contemporary look. currently, that Laravel has some substantial backing, Otwell has worked with Focus laboratory, one among the highest digital style agencies within the U.S.

Laravel Vapor, a sturdy serverless readying platform for Laravel Development Services

After giving a quick on version 8 and also the updated stigmatization, Otwell showcased his new project named Laravel Vapor. Currently, developers use Forge for provisioning and deploying their PHP applications on DigitalOcean, Linode, AWS, and more. It provides painless Virtual private Server (VPS) management. it's best suited to medium and small projects and performs well with basic load equalization.

Here are a number of the benefits Laravel Vapor comes with:

Better scalability:
  • Otwell’s demo showed that it will handle over half a million requests with a median response time of 12 ms.
Facilitates collaboration:
  • Vapor is built around groups. you'll be able to produce as several groups as you need by simply paying for one single set up.
Fine-grained control:
  • It offers you fine-grained control over what every team member will do. you'll be able to set what all they'll do across all the resources Vapor manages.
A “vanity URL” for various environments:
  • Vapor offers you a staging domain, that you'll be able to access with what Otwell calls a “vanity URL.” It allows you to instantly access your applications with “a nice domain that you simply will share together with your coworkers till you're able to assign a custom domain,“ says Otwell.
Environment metrics:
  • Vapor provides several surroundings metrics that offer you a summary of the associate application environment. These metrics embody what percentage HTTP requests have the appliance arrived the last 24 hours, what percentage CLI invocations, what’s the common period of these things, what proportion these value on lambda, and more.
  • you'll be able to review and search your recent logs right from the Vapor UI. It conjointly auto-updates once any new entry comes within the log.
  • With Vapor, you'll be able to provision 2 kinds of Infos: fixed-sized database and serverless database. The fixed-sized database is that the one wherever you've got to choose its specifications like VCPU, RAM, etc. within the serverless one, however, if you are doing not choose these specifications and it'll automatically scale in keeping with the demand.
  • you'll be able to produce Redis clusters right from the Vapor UI with as several nodes as you wish. It supports the creation and management of elastic Redis cache clusters, which may be scaled while not experiencing any period of time. you'll be able to attach them to any of the team’s projects and use them with multiple projects at the identical time.

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