We design powerful solutions on Xamarin to build amazing apps that solve real-world problems on iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms using the same IDE, language and APIs for development. Shine Infosoft has been delivering hybrid apps from the time of it’s inception. Our team deliver cutting-edge application products on Xamarin and C# by scoping what’s best for clients.

Why choose Shine infosoft for Xamarin app development

  • We have leveraged the Xamarin cross-platform app development tools to build over 20+ apps with native performance and UI for iOS, Android & Windows by a expert in-house Xamarin certified development team.
  • We deliver native iOS, Android, and Windows apps with the Xamarin Native Framework at lower cost and time to market.
  • We have developed high-performance apps on Xamarin. Apps that are native, run on multiple mobile OS, and stay up to date with latest features.
  • We at Shine Infosoft understand that UI plays a crucial role in app success and positive usability. So, we carve interface of applications with an intuitive one-size-fit design with totally native controls for Android, iOS and Windows Phones.
  • Our dedicated Xamarin developers leverage shared C# code-base, native UI, API and deliver apps that solve real-life problems in quick time to market and lesser development cost.
  • With a team of curious testing professionals who drill down to every use case on Xamarin test cloud, we deliver end products that are beta tested for usability.
  • Shine Infosoft is developing cross platform enterprise mobile app using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architecture pattern. With access to iOS & Android APIs, leverage code reusability, data structures for every platform. Powered by C#, you can build engaging cross platform mobile and tablet apps and target a wider audience.
  • We have implemented Xamarin cross-platform application development to create apps like Azure Authentication App(Edge) Azure based Global Money Transfer platform, Live School Bus Management And Tracker Solution(Clobas) to name a few.

Features of Xamarin

Code sharing across platforms

By using Portable Class Libraries (PCL), you need to write libraries only once, which can be used across multiple platforms. You can choose from a wide array of available PCLs to suit your specific needs.

Database Connectivity

The built-in database connection modules of PHP makes it really easy to connect with almost all popular backend databases like MySQL, Oracle, Postgres etc

Highly customizable

Xamarin lets you get the benefits of both C# and .NET, which makes it a highly customizable technology.

Availability of component store

You can add components to your app directly from the component store, which hosts plenty of free or paid ones at your disposal.

Use of C#

Allows you to use a familiar syntax and sophisticated features like Generics, LINQ and the Parallel Task Library for you to create apps which work across platforms.

Lower development cost

If you are interested in developing multi-platform apps, you can save time and money by developing just one app in Xamarin instead of separately building and testing multiple apps for each of the platforms.