With a rich knowledge of open web technologies, Shine Infosoft develops fully functional HTML5 apps that work on desktop as well as mobile platforms. HTML5 application development is not only fast, but cost-effective as well and we know how to take advantage of this to design and develop multi-platform HTML5 apps that have the power of driving revenue to an entirely new level.

Why choose Shine infosoft for Html5 development

  • HTML5 is the other name for a new web revolution that represents innovative technologies implemented in a single browser. Nowadays, screens are getting bigger and apps are getting prominence. In a world that is incredibly social and dependent on mobile technology, HTML5 apps are playing a vital role as they tend to change the focus from what’s on mobile to what’s on web. HTML5 apps have become an imperative option for browsers like Chrome and Safari.
  • Our HTML5 developers have the skill and proficiency required to deliver ground-breaking apps. While using HTML5 based tools and frameworks is one of the key skills of our developers, they also work zealously to offer cross-platform HTML5 solutions for your business. HTML5 App Development is our core skills and through our agile process our developers ensures the development of productive and fully functional apps for you.
  • ‘Commitment’ is the word we take very seriously and this is why we assign a dedicated project manager to take care of all the aspects of your project. We ensure that your engagement with us runs smoothly and satisfactorily from every aspect. Above all, your feedback always matters and your word helps us improve and excel in what we do.
  • By using latest development tools and ensuring high quality standards, we deliver customer centric HTML5 app solutions.

  • With the inevitable rise in popularity of both HTML5 and CSS3, designers and programmers can look forward to new and exciting possibilities for their websites and applications. Combined, these emerging languages provide an immense power over the structure and presentation of their web documents.
  • HTML5 is expected to integrate video streaming into browser applications. This will revolutionize the browsing experience of users. HTML5 development will now help developers in creating rich internet applications like Flash and Java FX. CSS3 website templates have been designed for the benefit of web development services.
  • With the help of CSS3 website layout, designers can control web designing process and create engaging user interface by making the pages attractive. CSS3 website layout is designed to facilitate web pages with presentations.
  • We are an established HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript development company based in India with experience in developing Rich Internet Applications that conform to web 2.0 standards for the desktop as well as mobile platform. Combination of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript offers much more to web designers and developers as compared to conventional HTML standards.

Why Responsive Websites?

We provide thses featues in Html5 web apps

  • Enhancing your visual design
  • Simplifying your user interface
  • GPS Based Real Time Applications
  • Replacing Flash
  • Making your website Mobile Friendly
  • Information Architecture and Prototypes
  • Responsive applications
  • UX/UI Consulting Services
  • End-to-end User Experience & User Interface Design Services
  • Quality-Centric Process
  • Testing and Validation
  • Video/Audio Streaming Applications